Young Handlers Competition

The Young Handlers Competition will be held on Saturday 15 July and Sunday 16 July.

  • Young Handlers must be aged 21 years and under at the start of the World Trial, and they must not have represented their country at National Level.
  • Entry is Free of Charge for the Young Handlers Competition
  • Registration opens on Wednesday 12 July for all Competitors, however if Young Handlers travel later they can register on Friday afternoon 14 July.

Scroll down for the scores, results and photos.



The competitors:


Country First name Surname Dog's name
Belgium Emma De Meyst Jan
Brazil João Vitor Costa Schaf Maya Do Fort Reno
England Emma Procter Glenalla Dale
England Tom Blease Queen
England Charles  Fitzgerald Dillon
Finland Aada Teittinen Mitch
Ireland Caolan Byrne Ava
Ireland Conor Healy Mol
Ireland Claire Somers-Cashen Alex
Italy Gabriele Bertolio Allistar Tabata In Wonderland
Italy Lorenzo Bianchi Bonnie
Norway Karianne Buer Step
Norway Sverre Kvinnesland Heather
Scotland Alexander Kent Cas
Scotland Joe McKenzie Tweedie
Scotland Jock Welsh Nell
Sweden Frida Fornander Para Ystavan Ben
Sweden Frida Fornander Movallarens Buzz Lightyear
Switzerland Rhea Venzin Gwynt Fynn
The Netherlands Tom Mennen Sam
The Netherlands Riemer Schripsema Lot
The Netherlands Didi Woning Joelle
Wales Rhion Owen Ross
Wales Esyllt Smith Jaff
Wales Logan Williams Ned




Young handlers' scores, qualifying round 1:


1, T. Blease, England, Queen, 153 out of 180, semi-final 147 out of 200;

2, R. Schripsema, Netherlands, Lot, 108;

3, ABS G. Bertolio ABS;

4, J. McKenzie, Scotland, Tweedie, 90;

5, D. Woning, Netherlands, Joelle, 108;

6, F. Fornander, Sweden, Buzz, 130;

7, A. Kent, Scotland, Cas, 59;

8, E. Smith, Wales, Jaff, 119;

9, T. Mennen, Netherlands, Sam, 130;

10, C. Fitzgerald, England, Dillon, 135;

11, R. Venzin, Switzerland, Gwynt Fynn, 86;

12, C. Somers-Cashen, Ireland, Alex, 95;

13, L. Williams, Wales, Ned, 143;

14, J. Costa Schaf, Brazil, Maya, 113;

15, L. Bianchi, Italy, Bonnie, 82;

16, S. Kvinnesland, Norway, Heather, 153;

17, R. Owen, Wales, Ross, 141;

18, A. Teittinen, Finland, Mitch, 104;

19, C. Byrne, Ireland, Ava, 101;

20, E. Procter, England, Glenalla Dale, 66;

21, ABS F. Fornander, Ben ABS;

22, K. Buer, Norway, Allie, 163;

23, C. Healy, Ireland, Mol, 139;

24, J. Welsh, Scotland, Nell, 134;

25, E. De Meyst, Belgium, Jan, 93.



1, T. Blease, England, Queen, 147 out of 200;

2, F. Fornander, Sweden, Buzz, 145;

3, E. Smith, Wales, Jaff, 167;

4, T. Mennen, Netherlands, Sam, 169;

5, C. Fitzgerald, England, Dillon, 181;

6, L. Williams, Wales, Ned, 176;

7, J. Costa Schaf, Brazil, Maya, 120;

8, S. Kvinnesland, Norway, Heather, 171;

9, R. Owen, Wales, Ross, 144;

10, K. Buer, Norway, Allie, 171;

11, C. Healy, Ireland, Mol, 158;

12, J. Welsh, Scotland, Nell, 145.


The top five finalists for Sunday are:


1, Charles Fitzgerald, Dillon;

2, Logan Williams, Ned;

3, Kariane Buer, Allie;

4, Sverre Kvinnesland, Heather;

5, Tom Mennan, Sam.


Young handler final results


1, Karianne Buer, Norway, Allie, 189;

2, Logan Williams, Wales, Ned, 186;

3, Sverre Kvinnesland, Norway, Heather, 181;

4, Tom Mennan, Netherlands, Sam, 157;

5, Charles Fitzgerald, England, Dillon, 135.


The first ever World Trial young handler champion, Karianne Buer, of Norway, with Allie. PICTURES: Lisa Soar


Young handler runner-up, Logan Williams, of Wales. 


The five young handler finalists.


Runners-up, Logan Williams and Ned.


Young handler champion, Karianne Buer.



Sverre Kvinnesland, of Norway, and Heather took third place.


Charlie Fitzgerald and Dillon, representing England.


Tom Mennan and Sam, of the Netherlands.