World Trial - Qualifying Day 2

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Qualifiers from day two


The qualifying competition continued on day two of the World Trial ahead of Saturday’s semi-final.

The weather was a mixed bag. It was a mostly cloudy day with brief spells of sunshine and some heavy showers. In Field 2 there was thunder overhead and running had to stop during the heaviest rain. The wind picked up in the afternoon, but did not seem to cause hearing problems for the dogs.

Once again, the top seven places from each field qualified for the semi-final of 42 runners.


Friday’s top 7 from Field 1

1, Sophie Holt, Wales, Hybeck Blake, 193;

2, Serge van der Zweep, Netherlands, Jenny, 192;

3, Karin Mattsson, Norway, Trim, 191;

4, Oscar Murguia, Spain, Murguia Nara, 190;

5, Jaran Knive, Norway, Gin, 188;

6, Barbro Klingborg, Sweden, Lillebill, 187;

7, Beverly Lambert, USA, Joe, 186.


Friday’s top 7 from Field 2

1, Ben Smith, England, Ben, 182, OLF 90;

2, Kevin Evans, Wales, Preseli Ci, 182, OLF 87;

3, Michael Gallagher, Ireland, Val, 176;

4, Hendrik Kienker, Germany, Blake, 174;

5, Charlotte Quiding, Sweden, Dave, 168, OLF 79;

6, James McGee, Ireland, Glencregg Silver, 168, OLF 78;

7, Aled Owen, Wales, Llangwm Glesni, 165.


Friday’s top 7 from Field 3

1, Petter Landfald, Norway, Lady, 187;

2, Lotta Magnusson, Scotland, Kate, 182;

3, Neil Gillon, Scotland, Sweep, 176;

4, Carole Le Guellec, France, E’Buddy, 175, OLF 85;

5, Hakan Wilson, Sweden, Burndale Chief, 175, OLF 80;

6, Karin Soderberg, Sweden, Bee, 173, OLF 82;

7, Ed Hawkins, England, Gipping Valley Troy, 173, OLF 81.


Sophie Holt and Hybeck Blake - top scorers in Field 1 on day two. PICTURE: Lisa Soar


There are lots of World Trial 2017 goodies in the ISDS marquee. PICTURE: Lisa Soar


James Howard and Billie on their way to a place in the semi-finals. PICTURE: Lisa Soar


Charlotte Quiding from Sweden - aonther qualifier from Field 2. PICTURE: Lisa Soar


Norway's Jaran Knive and Gin qualifying on Field 1. PICTURE: Lisa Soar


The course on Field 3. PICTURE: Lisa Soar

There is also a display of vintage machinery and tractors on Field 3. PICTURE: Lisa Soar


Semi-final running order


1, Serge van der Zweep, Netherlands, Jenny;

2, Nigel Watkins, Wales, Jody;

3, Marie Louise Holmgaard, Denmark, Billie;

4, Jaran Knive, Norway, Gin;

5, Hakan Wilson, Sweden, Burndale Chief;

6, Michael Gallagher, Ireland, Val;

7, Neil Gillon, Scotland, Bhoy;

8, Emma Gray, England, Tweeddale Jamie;

9, Carole Le Guellec, France, E’Buddy;

10, Anja Holgerrson, Sweden, Sod;

11, Beverley Lambert, USA, Joe;

12, Lotta Magnusson, Scotland, Kate;

13, James Howard, England, Billie;

14, Jo Angnar Hansen, Norway, Kate;

15, Ed Hawkins, England, Gipping Valley Troy;

16, Hendrik Kienker, Germany, Blake;

17, Ben Smith, England, Ben;

18, David Howells, Wales, NIp;

19, Karin Soderberg, Sweden, Bee;

20, Robert Ellis, Wales, Spot;

21, Anders Vikstrom, Sweden, Wasp;

22, Viola Hebeler, Germany, Gismo;

23, James McGee, Ireland, Glencregg Silver;

24, Derek Fisher, USA, Nell;

25, Petter Landfald, Norway, Lady;

26, Bobby Henderson, Scotland, Tweed;

27, James McCloskey, Ireland, Sweep;

28, Aled Owen, Wales, Llangwm Cap;

29, Martin Feeney, Ireland, Jack;

30, Barbro Klingborg, Sweden, Lillebill;

31, Karin Mattsson, Norway, Trim;

32, Erik Holmgaard, Denmark, Roy;

33, Sophie Holt, Wales, Hybeck Blake;

34, Oscar Murguia, Spain, Murguia Nara;

35, Neil Gillon, Scotland, Sweep;

36, Nij Vyas, England, Todd;

37, Kevin Evans, Wales, Ace;

38, Charlotte Quiding, Sweden, Dave;

39, Serge van der Zweep, Netherlands, Gary;

40, Aled Owen, Wales, Glesni;

41, Finn Engan, Norway, Bailights Zenta;

42, Kevin Evans, Wales, Preseli Ci.