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Day one report


After the ceremony and excitement of the handlers’ parade the evening before, the 2017 World Trial at Hoogwoud got underway in the still quiet of the morning under blue skies.

The first runs started on time at 7am on the three fields, which are all a distance apart. As you would expect in the Netherlands, all the fields are flat, with water-filled ditches as boundaries. 

Today’s competitors – 40 on each field – tackled a National style course with packets of five sheep, two with red collars. At hand, a shed, pen and single were needed to complete the runs. The time limit was 15 minutes.

The top seven from each field qualify for the semi-finals on Saturday.

The sheep are Schoonebeeker- en Veluws Moorland sheep, and Kempische Moorland sheep.

There have been sunny intervals through the day, with thicker cloud cover by the evening. At some points in the day it got quite hot, but the clouds and light breeze soon cooled things down.

Field One will be the field used for the semi-final and final. It is a large, square field with two grandstands and is the main site for food outlets and trade stands. The ISDS marquee is also on this field, where the scores are being posted and all the special World Trial merchandise is available to buy.

Nearly all the handlers sent their dogs to the right. Beyond the ditch is a field of potatoes running almost halfway up the field, which gives the impression of a boundary line. However, it also creates an elbow, which is kicking some dogs out.

The judges – Allistair Lyttle and Bevis Jordan – were calling the shed on this field before handlers could proceed to the pen. 

The sheep worked quite well in the field, but some handlers seemed to struggle to shed them. 

Some dogs took a dip in the water, and amused spectators also witnessed Tijtse Terpstra strip off his jeans and boots to cross the ditch and retrieve Bet from gathering the herd of cows to the left of the course.

Later in the day more temptation was put in the dogs’ way as rabbits could be seen hopping through the grass.

The running on Field One was the last to be completed, finishing after 8pm.

Field two is also the trial camping area, where there are a good number of tents, caravans and motor homes.

It’s another large, flat field with a wind turbine in the distance beyond the lift post.

The judges there are Stan Harden and Annette Melhede. 

The sheep needed a dog to get in behind them and push them, but not be too sharp. Some packets were putting their heads down to graze and could stand up to some dogs.

Field Three is flat, with more ditches lining it. There was a herd of cows to the right of the course and glasshouses in the distance. Handlers could choose either outrun, with an even split running right and left.

The judges in this field were Marc Morren and Andy Dickman.

The sheep didn’t always hold together as a group, and if pushed they could split.

During the morning the sheep penned quite willingly, but were a little more sticky in the afternoon.




Thursday’s top 7 from Field 1

1, Robert Ellis, Wales, Spot, 189;

2, Anders Vikstrom, Sweden, Wasp, 179;

3, Derek Fisher, USA, Goodwin Nell, 177;

4, Aled Owen, Wales, Llangwm Cap, 174;

5, Bobby Henderson, Scotland, Tweed, 160;

6, Jo Agnar Hansen, Norway, Tysswg Kate, 159;

7, James Howard, England, Bill, 158.



Thursday’s top 7 from Field 2

1, Viola Hebeler, Germany, Gismo, 192;

2, Martin Feeney, Ireland, Jack, 190;

3, Emma Gray, England, Jamie, 188;

4, Neil Gillon, Scotland, Bhoy, 176;

5, Anja Holgerrson, Sweden, Sod, 172;

6, David Howells, Wales, Nip, 168;

7, James McCloskey, Ireland, Sweep, 166.



Thursday’s top 7 from Field 3

1, Serge van der Zweep, Netherlands, Gary, 202;

2, Nigel Watkins, Wales, Jody, 191;

3, Nij Vyas, England, Todd, 190;

4, Erik Holmgaard, Denmark, Roy, 183;

5, Marie Louise Holmgaard, Denmark, Billie, 177, OLF 87;

6, Finn Engan, Norway, Bailights Zenta, 177, OLF 76;

7, Kevin Evans, Wales, Ace, 176.



Michael Gallagher, first to run on Field 1. PICTURE: Lisa Soar


Robert Ellis and Spot posted the top score on Field 1 and have qualified for Saturday's semi-final. PICTURE: Lisa Soar


Kathrin Gleis and Cube on Field 2 in the afternoon. PICTURE: Lisa Soar


Tjitse Terpstra had to take a dip on Field 1! PICTURE: Lisa Soar