Semi-Finals Day 3

See below for the report from the semi-final.

Semi-Final running order:

1 335 E McAuley Roy 314568  
2 333 S Robinson Spot 316255  
3 170 M Evans Meg 312166  
4 124 T W Longton Tot 279413  
5 259 A Owen Llangwm Cap 315270  
6 352 K Evans Greg 294366  
7 134a A Blomkvist Strandangens Tai SKK V1796/2009  
8 250 I Brownlie Boredale Gus 291031  
9 217 J Knive Bea NKK NO 55030/11  
10 252 L N Watkins Molly 307940  
11 264 M Shearer Jim 316751  
12 203a L Evans Zac 309467  
13 128 M Klima Walk on Jet SVAK V1730/2008  
14 341 S Manzi Laila Stella ENCI11/36091  
15 150 M Czylwik Ben DE300520  
16 127 H Teittinen Peppi SPKY 1274/03  
17 180 F Shennan Fizz 285382  
18 238 C-M Magnusoon Myllin Davey 292919  
19 376 K Mattsson Trim 302053  
20 241 A Stern Jimmi IT304043  
21 168 S Venney Jill 296974  
22 309 M Shearer Bob 285788  
23 339a L Dos Santos Shark BR330083  
24 116 K Evans Jimmy 303638  
25 343 P Martin Jen 314794  
26 212 K Soderberg Seemework Key SKK V1106/2008  
27 151 J Wilson Duffy NZSDTA19880  
28 344 L N Watkins Jody 290743  
29 224a J McGee Glencregg Silver 327528  
30 247 J Hansen Sisko NSG22903/04  
31 206 T Longton Bob 294330  
32 159 C M Magnusson Llanfarian Jim 283346  
33 346 A Strom Glen 293198  
34 144a R D Roper Spot 281474  
35 137 W van Dongen Treloss Blaze 287594  
36 307 R Hutchinson Sweep 293085  
37 237 S van der Zweep Gary 308277  
38 101 H-J Werbke Tini DE293592  
39 336 S Lejuez Eryri Jaff 283342  
40 354 W Gallagher Groesfaen Roy 280882  
41 245a V Morris Bob 315235  
42 Res (306)a M Feeney Jack 298540  



Report from the semi-final...

At the end of the third day of the 2014 World Trial, it looks like we could have a thrilling final in store for tomorrow.

For the semi-final, held in Field 1, the course had been altered. The outrun was longer and the setting-out point was more central in the field. 

The sheep were brought down to the white marker post from the release pen used the previous days, situated on the top left of the brow of the field.

The sheep were the flock from Field 3 yesterday.

The drives were right-handed and the pen was to the left of the post, situated near one of the grandstands.

The day started with rain, but it blew off and stayed dry. The wind was much cooler today and got stronger in the late afternoon. The sheep did seem to get less settled and trickier to handle later in the afternoon.

Welshman Kevin Evans posted the best score of 509 with Jimmy, running at number 24.


Eamonn McAuley and Roy

First to the post, Eamonn sent Roy on the right-hand outrun, he stopped early and needed a whistle. They lost 26 on the outrun.

They lost 5 on the lift and caught the fetch gates. On the lower half of the fetch they had a few wobbles and lost 31.

On the first drive they were on line but pushed them down in front of the gates and missed.

In the shed they dropped 10 marks.

They lost the ewes around the pen a couple of times, losing 27.

They singled and completed their run.


Seamus Robinson and Spot

Spot went out on the right-hand outrun and stopped a little short, losing 32. They  lost a bit on the lift and the dog was pushing a bit on the fetch.

The got the first drive but missed the second on the low side.

They were then wide and offline coming back to the ring and lost 70 marks in the driving section. 

At-hand they had a clean shed, lost 37 at the pen and 40 in the single.


Medwyn Evans and Meg

On the right-hand outrun, Meg went out ok but started getting a bit tight, then opened out. She stopped a bit short and the ewes drifted offline. They caught the fetch gates.

The sheep were a bit low on the cross drive, got the gates, but then a wide turn. 

In the shed they lost 7, and dropped one pint at the pen and finished with a clean single.


Thomas Longton and Tot

Thomas was the first handler to send his dog on the left-hand gather.

They caught all the gates in the field. On the fetch they lost 33, and lost 23 on the drives. They had good at-hand work, losing 5 in the shed, a clean pen, and 5 in the single.


Aled Owen and Llangwm Cap

Cap went out on the right-hand outrun. He took a fairly tight line up the field and lost  They didn’t drop a point in the at-hand work.


Kevin Evans and Greg

There was one uncollared ewe hanging back as the shepherds were bringing them down to the post.

Right-hand outrun, losing 8 points and a clean lift.

They caught all the gates and lost 18 on the fetch and 19 on the drives.

They had a clean shed and single and lost 6 at the pen to give a total score of 499, putting them in the lead.


Ann Blomkvist and Strandangens Tai

Ann opted for the right-hand outrun, where they lost 11 points, with 13 taken off the lift.

They missed the cross drive gates. Back in the ring they lost 16 in the shed and were timed up at the pen.


Ian Brownlie and Boredale Gus

Right-hand outrun, losing 15 points.

On the first drive, Gus pushed the ewes through the gates and an exhaust pen dog ran onto the field. The timekeepers had to stop the clock, and Ian regathered them.

The judges started judging again at the same point where the dog came on.

They caught the cross drive.

They followed in Aled’s footsteps and completed the at-hand work without losing a point, ensuring a place in the top 16 for the final.


Jaran Knive and Bea

Right-hand outrun.

They had a good start to his feet, but rushed them on the turn. They lost 8 on the outrun, had a clean lift and lost 15 on the fetch. They were offline on the first drive and rushing on cross drive, losing 51. After a clean shed a ewe was testing the bitch at the pen but she stayed cool. Completed their run with the single losing 25 marks.


Nigel Watkins and Molly

Right-hand outrun.

Missed the cross drive, Molly nudged them and they ran, wide on the turn. Completed well dropping 1 point in the shed, clean pen and single.


Michael Shearer and Jim

Right-hand outrun, the dog was coming in and needed blowing out. He stopped short and then stopped next to the shepherd’s dog, whistled on. The judges took 30 off the outrun and 1 off the lift. 

The ewes were drawing to right of the fetch line.

Caught the drives and completed with a very good single.


Llyr Evans and Zac

Red-and-white dog Zac went out on the right-hand outrun, losing 17. After a clean lift they lost 21 on the fetch, missing the gates.

They also missed the first drive gates. Completed with a clean shed, 10 off the pen and 10 off the single.


Marianne Klima and Walk On Jet

Marianne and Klima were timed up at the pen.


Samuele Manzi and Laila Stella

Left-hand outrun.

Got the fetch on a pretty good line, losing 15.

Pushed them off a bit after the turn, got them back and settled. The ewes were going a bit low on the first drive, but Samuele corrected and they got it.

Got the second drive, but a wide turn. 

Completed the at-hand work with a clean single.


After Samuele’s run the judges took their lunch break.


Martina Czylwik and Ben

Martina and Ben had a completed run but lost 75 on the fetch and 100 points on the drives. In the shedding ring they lost 10 and had a good pen, dropping 2 points. They singled and lost 19.


Heikki Teittinen and Peppi

The judges took 26 off their outrun, 24 off the fetch and 40 off the drives.

They got the first drive, but were very low on cross drive and then very wide back to ring.

They shed and penned but singled an uncollared ewe before realising and had to do it again, losing 41 points.


Fraser Shennan and Fizz

Left-hand outrun. Fizz ran out very wide to the fence line, Fraser whistled her in but she didn't take it. 

She went up over brow and out of sight. After some time she came back down from the release pen and the judges called them off.


Mosse Magnusson and Myllin Davey

Right-hand outrun, Davey ran out square, Mosse whistled him in and he took it.

The got the fetch, dropping 20 points.

Caught the first drive ok and got the second drive but had a wide turn.

They lost 10 in the shed and 10 at the pen and finished with a clean single.


Karin Mattsson and Trim

Right-hand outrun out wide, Karin tried to command the dog in. The judges took 30 points off the outrun followed by a clean lift.

They had a good fetch, losing 5, and good drives, losing 14.

The ewes went halfway around the pen and back before getting them in.

The judges asked Karin to single a second time but she ran out of time.


Alberto Stern and Jimmi

Right-hand outrun.

Sheep moved off to the left and the dog wouldn't flank to cover them so they were on the wrong line all the way down and missed the fetch gates. 

Caught the second drive but were wide after the gates.

They completed the course, but failed first attempt at the single.


Susan Venney and Jill

Right-hand outrun, Jill went out along the bottom fence line, losing 30 points. On the fetch the sheep were offline, to the right, and the dog was not taking her flank commands.

They missed the fetch gates, losing 57.

One ewe broke away just before first drive gates. Regathered and got them through. Low on cross drive, just caught it, wide turn.

Single took a while, but completed the at-hand work without losing a point.


Michael Shearer and Bob

Right-hand outrun, the dog went out well, losing 9 points.

Bit of a wide turn after second drive.

Shed cleanly and Michael penned with the dog a way off the sheep, lying down. In the single an uncollared ewe went to give Bob a sniff, Bob didn't react. They completed losing 1 in the single.


Leandro Dos Santos and Shark

Shark, a red and white, prick-eared dog, went out on the left-hand outrun. He slowed and stopped short.

They looked like they were on an ok line but missed the fetch gates.

Got the first drive but missed second drive and were then very wide.

At the pen one ewe just slipped out as Leandro was closing the gate, but she didn’t go far. A clean single to finsh.


Kevin Evans and Jimmy

Right-hand outrun, nice lift. They lost 15 on the outrun and one off the lift.

They had a decent fetch, losing 10.

Good first drive and nice turn. Bit of a wobble at start of cross drive, good after that, again losing 10.

Clean shed and pen, but the single took time. They must have been running out of time because Kevin checked his watch, hassled them a bit, a gap came and they took it, losing 5.


Peter Martin and Jen

Right-hand outrun.

Caught fetch and first drive.

In the single they singled but the ewe was out of the ring before the dog came through. Told to do it again, then the exhaust dog came on the field! They did manage the single within the time.


Karin Soderbergh and Seemework Key

Right-hand outrun, on a tight line, bent out a bit when it spotted the sheep. They lost 50 on the outrun and 13 at the lift.

Got the fetch gates, one collared ewe bolted around the post. Offline on first drive, missed it high and were then very offline. 

They missed the cross drive on the low side.

Timed up in single.


Jim Wilson and Duffy

Right-hand outrun.

They missed the fetch gates.

Caught the first drive, but needed a few frantic whistles before the gate.

Bit low but got the second drive, very wide, back online to ring.

At-hand they lost 13 in the shed, 13 at the pen, and 45 in the single.


Nigel Watkins and Jody

Right-hand outrun, Jody started on a wide line. Nigel whistled her in, but she went out to the fence line and out of sight.

Nigel called her on, but she ran to release pen.



James McGee and Glencregg Silver

A perfect right-hand outrun. Got the fetch gates. 

Nice line on first drive. Low before the second drives gates but saved it and got them through.

Completed at-hand work and finished with a clean single.


Jo Hansen and Sisko

Right-hand outrun, two whistles in. Clean lift.

Two out of fetch gates.

Got first drive, bit wide on the turn.

Caught the cross drive, but had a very wide turn.

The ewes slipped past the pen twice. Singled.


Tim Longton and Bob

Right-hand outrun. Went off square, needed whistling in. Got the fetch.

Got the first drive, missed the second drive low.

Time was called in the single.


Mosse Magnusson and Llanfarian Jim

Right-hand outrun, sticky lift, losing 15. Got the fetch. 

Set off at speed on first drive, they caught the gates but had a wide turn.

Got the cross drive but the dog wouldn't stop and kept flanking on the lower side, pushing them up the field. Got him round and back.

Completed with a clean shed and pen, with 10 off the single.


Alexander Strom and Glen

Left-hand outrun. Dog went up straight from his feet. Stopped him and whistled him out but still quite tight.

The sheep were splitting on the first drive.

They were flying across the cross drive with one ewe out in front. The sheep ran off to bottom of field and then along the fence line.



Dick Roper and Spot

Right-hand outrun. Dick had a tricky packet of sheep and they missed the fetch. 

Retired after missing the cross drive.


Wiet van Dongen and Treloss Blaze

Right-hand outrun, lost 10.

Missed the fetch. Turn around the post was ok, but they pushed them back up on the fetch line. Caught the first drive, wide turn. 

Got them walking on the cross drive but then they started running and missed low.

Retired at the pen.


Ricky Hutchinson and Sweep

Left-hand outrun, lost 15.

On the fetch they lost 21.

Got the first drive and caught the second drive and not a bad turn for today’s runs.

Completed the at-hand work with a clean shed, 5 off the pen and 5 off the single.


Serge van der Zweep and Gary

Right-hand outrun. Got the fetch, the sheep were running down the lower half.

Got the first drive but missed the second, high.

Struggled at the pen, lost them quite a few times, with them pulling down to the fence line.

Kept trying but Gary decided enough was enough and brought himself off the field.


Hans-Jurgen Werbke and Tini    

Left-hand outrun.

They were a long way offline to the left on the fetch, missed the gates, and then were offline to the right. They lost 85 on the fetch and 55 on the drives.

Timed up at pen.


Susanne Lejeuz and Eryri Jaff

Susanne put down a good run with Jaff. They lost 4 on the outrun and 10 at the lift.

At-hand they lost 5 in the shed, had a very good, clean pen, and lost 1 in the single.


William Gallagher and Groesfaen Roy

Right-hand outrun. Nice lift but they went offline on the fetch. The sheep were splitting and running to the left, missed the gates.

Two ewes then bolted down the field before being pushed back to the others. 

Missed the first drive and retired on cross drive.


Vic Morris and Bob

Right-hand outrun. A couple of in whistles. Lost 9 on the outrun and had a clean lift.

Got the fetch and a good line on the first drive. The sheep were coming low just before gates, but got them through, wide turn.

Finished with a clean pen and single.


Martin Feeney and Jack

Right-hand outrun, sheep pulled left but dog covered them, missed the fetch.

Missed cross drive.

Retired at the pen.