Field 3

Once again Field 3 was the field which seemed to cause the most problems for some dogs and handlers, but there were still some good scores posted during the day.

Competitor number 342, Peter Krystof, was awarded a re-run early in the morning. Peter, of the Czech Republic, sent Tess on the right-hand outrun. She pushed them off the mark and they drifted very low on the field before she gripped and they were disqualified.


Nigel Watkins and Jody (Wales)

Nigel and Jody had a clean outrun and lift. They lost 12 on the fetch and just 5 on the drives. They had a clean shed but had to battle a bit at the pen and lost 6 points there. They completed well with a clean single.


James Gilman and Bob (England)

Sen on the left-hand outrun, Bob started coming in halfway up. He needed a couple of stop and redirect commands and they dropped 16 marks on the outrun.

They were quite a way offline on the fetch, losing 32 points.

They caught the first drive gates, but were a bit low on cross drive before the gates, but got them.

In the shed they lost 12 marks before retiring at the pen.


Alexander Strom and Glen (Norway)

Alexander and Glen caught all the gates and completed the at-hand work. When they went back into the ring for the single they still had 1min 40 secs on the clock.

They finished their run on 198.


Laura Hinnekens and Fudji (Belgium)

Twenty-five-year-old Laura sent Fudji on right-hand outrun. Laura gave an early extra whistle on the outrun and the dog took it.

They were a bit offline to the left on the fetch, but they got the gates.

Sheep picked up speed on the on first drive. They caught it, but had a couple of wobbles. They caught the second drive gates, but the ewes ran through so they had a wide turn.

Time called at pen.


Serge van der Zweep and Eve (Netherlands)

Eve went out on the left-hand outrun. She stopped a bit short, and the sheep were offline on the top half of fetch. They got the gates, and had better lines to the post. They caught both sets of drive gates, losing 12 points. They lost 8 in the shed and 6 at the pen, and completed their run with a clean single.