Field 2

Tom Huddleston and Udale Jet (England)

Tom and Jet had a good start to their run with a clean outrun and lift. They dropped 9 on the fetch and 24 on the drives.

They lost four in the shed and two at the pen. While they were attempting to single, one of the exhaust pen shepherd’s dogs came onto the field to gather the sheep

The shepherds were told to bring the sheep back to ring so Tom could complete his run. Once he got them back in the ring and settled, Tom had a clean single to finsih with a score of 181.


Katia Maines and Duke (Sweden)

The dog started to go wrong as he was sent on the outrun. Katia corrected him and he went out ok, but they lost 10 marks.

They got the fetch gates but were quite slow coming down the field and they missed the first drive gates.

They had a clean shed but were timed up just after they penned so couldn’t complete their run.


Henry van der Merwe and Elfa Lass (South Africa)

Henry and Lass weren’t having a bad run, but they lost 40 marks on the drives.

They should have shed easily but the dog wasn't in quite the right place and they had a missed attempt. Penned quite well, losing 2 points and a collared ewe on the outside of the bunch was looking to go and made it an easy single.


Christian Rapattoni and Corrie (Italy)

Right-hand outrun, went out well, and they had a clean outrun and lift. 

They caught the fetch gates. Around the post, two ewes held back creating a temporary split in the packet, and they had to be pushed to join the others.

The sheep were running on the cross drive and they missed the gates on the low side.

They got the shed, losing 6, but struggled at the pen and time was called before they could get them in.


Angelika Baumgart and Margot (Germany)

Right-hand outrun.

Few bends in the fetch, and offline above the gates, but caught the obstacles. 

On the cross drive the ewes started running about halfway across and they missed the gates on the top side.

They shed without losing a mark, but lost the ewes down the side of the pen.

They got them back and they looked like they were going in but one turned back and came out. While they were tying to get her back the other ewes came out.

All out of the ring in the single and timed up.


Johan Beeli and Espot van Reantembel (Switzerland)

Left-hand outrun.

Pretty good line on the fetch, caught the gates, losing 4 points.

The sheep were running on the cross drive - they caught the gates but subsequently had a wide turn.

They had a good, clean shed. The dog was very close to the sheep and it looked like he may put too much pressure on them but it came off. 

They then got them into the mouth of the pen where they took a little persuasion but they managed to close the gate, losing 4 points. 

Got the single, with the judges taking off 4 points to finish with a score of 188.


Guillaume Josien and Scot (France)

Good, clean right-hand outrun with 2 off the lift.

They got the fetch, losing 14 points.

There was a bit of a bend on first drive but they got the gates. Missed the cross drive on the low side.

Shed but ran out of time at the pen.


Ron Snoeck and Conquest Moss (Netherlands)

Right-hand outrun, nice start with a clean outrun and lift.

They had a bit of a bend after catching the fetch gates.

Stalled the flow of the run trying to get a really tight turn around the post.

The sheep just skimmed past the second drive gates on the top side.

Shed ok and good pen but Ron, knowing he was running out of time, rushed an attempt at the single but didn't get it, and the bell was rung.


Tummas Jacobsen and Glen (Faroes)

Right-hand outrun, caught the fetch.

They lost 30 marks in the drives and were timed up in the shed.


Frank Cashen and Gyp (Ireland)

Left-hand outrun, missed the fetch.

Got first drive but sheep running on cross drive and missed low. Completed the at-hand work to finish with a score of 160.


Michael Davidson and Sweep (England)

Left-hand outrun.

Sheep had moved off to the left of the marker by quite a long way.

They lost 4 on the outrun and 4 at the lift. They finished the at-hand work without dropping a point.


Ewen Mackinnon and Midge (Scotland)

Right-hand outrun. They had tidy and settled fieldwork, losing 8 on the fetch and 6 on the drives. In the shed they lost 2, but the sheep ran past the pen as Ewen was opening the gate. They managed to pen but lost 10. Finished their run losing 2 in the single to give them a score of 184.