Field 1

John Pluta and Killibrae Spot (Netherlands)

John and Spot were first to the post on day two of the World Trial.

Spot went out on the left-hand outrun, losing 8 points.

They had a nice, settled packet of sheep and caught all the gates. 

After the second drive the ewes drifted wide.

They lost 17 pints in the shedding ring when they shed one uncollared ewe and one collared.

They lost 4 at the pen and 1 in the single.


Con McGarry and Megan (Ireland)

Megan was sent on the right-hand outrun. She went out well but stopped a touch short at the top, losing 6 points. 

The first drive was ok but the ewes picked up speed through the gates and they had a bit of a wide turn and another wide turn after second drive. They lost 17 points on the drives.

The shed was good but the ewes were unsettled at the pen and broke a few times, losing them 17 marks. The sheep went out of the ring before they got their single to finish their run on 154.


Jim Wilson and Duffy (New Zealand) 

Jim’s was one of the runs watched by Princess Anne. They completed their run on a score of 184. 

The shed, where they lost 6 marks, took a while. The pen was ok, losing 4, and they finished with a clean single.


Faansie Basson and Don (South Africa)

Left-hand outrun.

They caught the fetch and first drive gates. The ewes were running low on the cross drive, and they missed the second drive gates.

They went very wide and were offline coming back to the ring.

They had a good, clean shed but there was a troublesome ewe at the pen, losing them 9.

The judges took 14 off their single.


Roman Holecek and Linka (Czech Rep)

Left-hand outrun, the dog went out wide. They had a few bends on the fetch but got the gates. After the second drive they had a wide turn.

The sheep were out of the shedding ring and they lost 14. They had a good, clean pen, but the single was great and they had 13 marks taken off.


Arwyn Davies and Moel Floss (Wales)

Left-hand outrun. 

Floss started tight so Arwyn gave her an extra whistle, and again further up the field. They caught the fetch gates, and lost 10 points on the lines.

The ewes drifted a bit down towards the fence after the turn. Floss pushed them back on line and they caught the first drive with a decent turn.

The sheep were running a bit on the cross drive, but they caught the gates. However, the turn was a bit wide because they had been running.

The shed took a while and they had a clean pen. A couple ewes looked for an escape but they didn't lose them. Nine points were taken off their single.


Eyostein Jensen and Nap (Faroe Islands)

Eyostein was very unfortunate with his run. He sent Nap on the right-hand outrun, and the dog ran out very wide. He gave him numerous stop whistles but he kept going to fence line and then went on into the next field. Because the dog was off the course the judges had to disqualify him.


Oscar Murguia and Murguia Sirkan (Spain)

Right-hand outrun. The dog was tight and started coming in, needed whistling out. At the top he stopped short and struggled to lift the sheep and progress was slow on the fetch.

They caught the first drive. They were low on the cross drive, but Oscar had time to correct and they caught the gates.

In the shed they turned on two uncollared and one collared and all the sheep went out of the ring. They lost 14 points in the shed and ran out of time attempting to pen.


Fraser Shennan and Fizz (Scotland)

Last to run on Filed 1, Fraser sent Fizz on the left-hand outrun. They lost 2 on the outrun and 1 at the lift.

They caught the fetch, losing 10, and had a decent turn around the post. 

In the drives they lost 14, and the line on the cross drive was a bit low.

Together they completed at-hand work well with a clean shed and pen, dropping 6 in the single. They finished with a score of 187.