Field 3

Qualifiers - Day One

Field 3

1, Eammonn McAuley, Roy, 206;

2, Martin Feeney, Jack, 193;

3, Michael Shearer, Bob, 186;

4, Seamus Robinson, Spot, 179;

5, Ricky Hutchinson, Sweep, 176;

6, Leandro Dos Santo, Shark, 174;

7, Susanne Lejuez, Eryri Jaff, 166.


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Field 3

Field 3 is a stubble field and the field is situated just down the road from the main site. 

The land falls away slightly from the handler and the outrun is 380 yards.

The pen is to the left of the post and the drives are set to the left. There were times when it appeared there were deaf spots in the field which did cause problems for some handlers. The sheep here needed gentle handling without too much pressure.

The handlers were facing into the sun in the afternoon.

Here we take a closer look at some of the runs...


Jo Agnar Hansen and Tysswg Kate (Norway)

Left-hand outrun. 

Got the fetch. The ewes drifted offline on the first drive.

They were low before second drive gates, but pushed them through. Caught all the gates and completed the at-hand work.


Ian Brownlie and Mo (Scotland)

Right-hand outrun.

The got the fetch but one collared ewe was hanging back slightly and needed pushing around the turn.

A half attempt at the shed before it came off.

At the pen a collared ewe caused them problems - she escaped under the rope and after that she kept breaking.

Ian and Mo got them in, but as Ian was closing the gate she broke out through the gap.

They ran out of time trying to get them back in.


Ian Wilkie and Floss (Scotland)

Floss took a tight line on the left-hand outrun.

They got the fetch, but she was pushing them on a bit.

Got the drive gates and shed.

At the pen, Floss was doing just a bit too much and they lost the ewes around the back a few times. They did pen after some time and with one collared ewe on the outside of the bunch Ian singled quickly back in the ring.


Seamus Robinson and Spot (Ireland)

Spot went out on the right-hand outrun.

There were a couple of wobbles after the lift and Spot was pushing on behind them on the fetch.

They steadied the ewes on the cross drive and got both sets of drive gates.

After the shed they had to be careful at the pen not to upset the ewes and, with patience, they penned.

Singled with seconds to spare.


Bjorn Mattsson and Kim (Sweden)

Left-hand outrun, Kim slowed and stopped short at the top.

They got the fetch gates but the turn around the post was a bit wide. A few wobbles on the first drive and they missed the gates. Caught the second drive.

The shed came quickly but time needed to be taken at the pen.

Singled, but lost 10 points.