Field 2

Qualifiers - Day One

Field 2

1, Serge van der Zweep, Gary, 210;

2, Jaran Knive, Bea, 196;

3, James McGee, Silver, 193;

4, Llyr Evans, Zac, 192;

5, Tim Longton, Bob, 192;

6, Carl-Magnus Magnusson, Myllin Davey, 188;

7, Karin Soderberg, Seemework Key, 186.


Photo Galllery Day 1 Field 2


Field 2

A big, open flat field. The outrun is around 400 yards, with left-hand drives. There's a house situated on the right-hand side, with a garden fence which makes a bit of a dog leg into the field, just below the line of the drives. The rest of the field has a fence boundary.

Towards the end of the day the sheep weren’t holding as well at the top of the field, and there were a couple of re-runs.

Field 1 is situated to the left and behind Field 2.

Here we take a closer look at some of today's runs...


Ross Games and Roy (Wales)

First to run on Field 2, Ross sent Roy on the left-hand outrun and the dog ran up through drive gates. The sheep were light at the top, but soon settled.

They were a nice packet of sheep and they caught the fetch gates and drives.

The shed took some time. At the pen one ewe ran around the back and when they looked like they were in, one collared ewe broke back. They did pen but time was called as they were going back to the ring for the single.


Jim Wilson and Ben (NZ)

On the right-hand outrun Ben stopped a bit short at the top.

They caught the fetch, but the dog went wrong side of the sheep on the turn around the post when Jim gave him a wrong command, and they pushed them offline.

After the drives the shed didn't take too long but there were a few problems at the pen. Singled but the dog turned on the bunch not the single to start with.


Llyr Evans and Zac (Wales)

Right-hand outrun, Zac went out wide. He picked them up and kept them moving, but settled, down the fetch. 

They got the drives, but pushed them wide after the second drive gates.

The ewes weren't as settled in the shedding ring but they got it. Then they bossed them into the pen and singled with two minutes to spare on the clock.


Erik Holmgaard and Billie (Denmark)

On the left-hand outrun Billie started coming in about halfway up and needed stop and redirect commands. There were a few wobbles on the fetch.

Pushed them a long way past the second drive gates.

Shed, had a good pen and singled.


Tim Longton and Bob (England)

Bob was sent on the right-hand outrun and he ran out wide. Nice line on the fetch, few minor wobbles, and a couple on the first drive.

Cross-drive looked good and not a bad turn after the gates.

Good, efficient at-hand work to complete their run.


Sammy Long and Moss (Ireland)

Sammy sent Moss on the left-hand outrun.

Over flanked a bit just before fetch gates, but got them.

Decent turn around the post and steady first drive. Bit of a wobble before second drive gates when it looked like the sheep were a bit low.

Completed the at-hand work with no major problems but lost a few points in the single.


Jaran Knive and Bea (Norway)

Left-hand outrun.

The sheep were running on the cross drive and coming low. The situation needed some sharp handling and a responsive bitch to catch the gates.

Completed the at-hand work well. They had a clean shed and single and three points off the pen.


Margaret Johnson and Fellside Fleet (USA)

Margaret and Fleet completed their run with quiet, concentrated handling. They lost four on the outrun and four on the lift, 13 off the fetch and 24 off the drives. At-hand they had a clean shed and single and lost five at the pen.


David Bristow and Tan (England)

All ok around the field, decent turn around the second drive gates, but they lost 19 points on their drive lines. 

Shed quite quickly but lost two ewes around the pen.

Timed called in single.


Faansie Basson and Jill (South Africa)

Left-hand outrun. Sheep ran back towards the pen as the dog was on outrun. Got the fetch gates.

Was going nicely on the drives but the sheep came low before the second drive gates and with the extra commands to try to rectify the situation, the dog circled around the sheep. Completed the at-hand work well.


Mary Lou Campbell and Reidell Dyna (Canada)

Left-hand outrun, very wide. Decent line on fetch and good drives, catching all the gates. The sheep were a bit spooky at the pen, but they did pen. Ran out of time in the single after being steady in the field.


Derek Scrimgeour and Fleece (England)

Right-hand outrun.

The ewes were too low on the cross drive and they missed the gates.

Good work at-hand - the sheep walked into the pen and in the ring Fleece came through some very narrow gaps for the shed and single. 


Will Shellekens and Kate (Netherlands)

Left-hand outrun. Sheep offline on top and they missed the fetch. 

Slow around the field. Timed up in the shed.


James McGee and Silver (Ireland)

Left-hand outrun - one whistle three quarters of the way, and the dog stopped a bit short, losing eight points. Clean lift.

Good fetch and decent turn but just pushed them a bit on the start of the first drive. Bit of a wobble just before the second drives gates. They lost two points in the at-hand work, giving them a score of 193.


Mosse Magnusson and Myllin Davey (Scotland)

Right-hand outrun, the sheep ran back back towards pen.

They caught the fetch and first drive, but were a bit wide after the gates.

The ewes were running on the cross drive, got the gates, but another wide turn. At-hand they lost 2 in the shed, had a clean pen and lost 6 in the single.