Field 1

Qualifiers - day one

Field 1

1, Kevin Evans, Jimmy, 182;

2, Marianne Klima, Walk On Jet, 173;

3, Wiet van Dongen, Treloss Blaze, 165;

4, Thomas Longton, Tot, 164;

5, Ann Blomkvist, Strandangens, 158;

6, Heikki Teittinen, Peppi, 157;

7, Hans-Jurgen Werbke, Tini, 155.



Field 1

A very big, open field of 150 acres, where a white post marks the setting-out point on the flat before the land rises. This is the field that was used for the International when it was held at Tain.

The drives are set to the left. The sheep could be tricky at-hand and penning needed patience and gentle handling.

Here we take a closer look at some of today's runs...


Karin Mattsson and Bill (Norway)

Bill went out on the right-hand outrun. They caught the fetch on a good line. Got the first drive gates but pushed them low on cross drive and missed the gates.

Shed ok but they had them round the pen a couple of time. Singled to complete their run.


Annette Melhede and Don (Denmark)

Right-hand outrun. Slow but sure at the pen, didn't lose them but took a while to get them in. Ran out of time before the single.


David Wood and Sally (England)

Left-hand outrun, dog went up through the drive gates.

Picked them up well. A few wobbles on the first drive.

Kept them moving on the cross drive, they looked a bit low but got the gates. Lost quite a lot in the shed and ran out of time in the single.


Richard Millichap and Sweep (Wales)

Right-hand outrun. Bit offline on the lower section of the fetch.

Sheep were low on the second drive, managed to push four back up and through the gate, missed with one.

In the ring the judges asked Richard to shed a second time.

At the pen they had one ewe around the back, and then a collared ewe slipped under the rope. Time called.


Jeff Hudd and Tysswg Nell (Wales)

Left-hand outrun, Nell gave plenty of room behind the sheep at the lift.

The sheep came down the fetch well, but there was a slight wobble above the gates.

Sheep looked a bit offline on first drive, got the second drive with a bit of a wide turn.

Jeff also had to contend with a nose bleed, he battled on, but no doubt it affected his run from then on. They shed and had a tough time at the pen. One ewe slipped under the rope and they were timed up before they could single.


Kevin Evans and Jimmy (Wales)

Jimmy went out on the right-hand outrun and they had a tidy start.

Good turn around the post and they got the drives. At-hand work completed without incident, and they finished with a clean single.


Wiet van Dongen and Treloss Blaze (Netherlands)

Wiet and Blaze lost 7 on the outrun, two off the lift and 15 off the fetch. On th derives the judges took 13 points off. They had a clean shed, but the sheep were a bit upset tricky at the pen and wouldn’t settle. They lost 10 at the pen and 8 off the single.


James Howard and Wisp (England)

Extra commands on left hand outrun, and Wisp stopped short at the top.

Good line on the fetch, losing 4 points.

The sheep trotted along on first drive and they had a tight turn around gates.

Ewes picked up speed on cross drive and were too low to catch the second drive gates. They then pulled down towards the bottom fence before coming back to the ring. Completed the at-hand work to finish with a score of 139.