Grand Finals Day 4

World Trial Final results:

Pos. Name Co. Dog Judges Points Merit Points
1 Michael Shearer SCO Bob 285788 691 74.5
2 Kevin Evans WAL Greg 294366 683 74
3 Ricky Hutchinson ENG Sweep 293085 676 70.5
4 Jaran Knive NOR Bea NKK No 55030/11 671 66.5
5 Aled Owen WAL Llangwm Cap 315270 660 61.5
6 James McGee IRL Glencregg Silver 327528 653 58
7 Jo Agnar Hansen NOR Sisko NSG 22903/04 608 50
8 Nigel Watkins WAL Molly 307940 563 45
9 Mrs Susanne Lejuez NLD Eryri Jaff 283342 535 40
10 Vic Morris ENG Bob 315235 521 34
11 Michael Shearer SCO Jim 316751 510 31
12 Kevin Evans WAL Jimmy 303638 497 25
13 Peter Martin SCO Jen 314794 350 20
14= Mosse Magnusson SCO Myllin Davey 292919 RET 12.5
14= Mosse Magnusson SCO Llanfarian Jim 283346 RET 12.5
16 Ian Brownlie SCO Boredale Gus DQ 5



2014 World Champions Michael Shearer and Bob. PICTURE: Lisa Soar


The first run of the day of the 2014 World Trial Final proved to be unbeatable. Michael Shearer and Bob were first to the post and had a very good run, but they had a long wait to find out if they’d done enough to claim the title.

For the last day of competition, the double gather was held on Field 1. The course layout was the same as the semi-final, with right-hand drives, and the shedding ring and pen in the same place.

The first gather was to the top left-hand corner of the vast field, where the sheep were being set out on the brow. For the second gather the dogs had to run out wide to pick up the sheep just below the house on the far right of the course.

Once again the sheep worked well. The day started damp, but cleared with the odd shower, a few glimpses of sunshine and a few rainbows. For the last two runs of the day there was heavy rain, but it cleared up for the announcement of the results and the presentations.

Three of the finalists ran two dogs - Michael Shearer, with Bob and Jim, Kevin Evans with Greg and Jimmy, and Mosse Magnusson with Llanfarian Jim and Myllin Davey. There was only one woman who made the cut for the final - Susanne Lejuez, from the Netherlands, running Eryri Jaff.

At the end of the day all the teams paraded onto the field, flying their flags, to hear the results. Before they left for home all the competitors shook hands with Michael to congratulate him.


The team competition was won by Scotland with 906 points. Each team member - Michael Shearer, Mosse Magnusson and Ian Brownlie - was presented with an engraved Logan Whistle from The Border Collie Company, presented by Joanne McHardy, and a Medal from the ISDS/World Trial Committee. PICTURE: Lisa Soar


A brief breakdown of the runs:

Michael Shearer and Bob

First gather - two whistles early, Bob went up well. Good lift and caught the fetch. They lost 20 on the first outrun, had a clean lift and lost 29 on the fetch. Michael flanked Bob around the sheep after the gates, he took the look back, gave him a flank command and Bob started out well. The sheep were moving and a bit unsettled at the top when Bob set off on the second outrun. After the lift, an ok line back, got the fetch. They lost 30 on the second outrun, 18 on the lift and 23 on the fetch.

The first packet had drifted to the bottom left-hand corner of the field and the shepherd on duty pushed them back towards the course. 

They caught the first drive and got the second drive. They looked a bit low on second half of the cross drive but got it and had an ok turn with a good line back to the ring, losing 33 points.

In the ring they shed off a good bunch quickly, and then easily whittled it down to the five collared ewes, losing 6 marks. They completed their run with a clean pen to give a total of 691.


James McGee and Glencregg Silver

No whistles on first gather, Silver went out to the fence. Pushed them off a little at the start of fetch. Caught the first fetch gates. They lost 23 on the outrun, had a clean lift and lost 12 on the fetch.

They had problems on the look back, perhaps a sign of the dog’s young age, and lost 95 points on the second outrun. James finally got him up but he went on the left-hand side. Caught the fetch, losing 19. They caught both sets of drive gates with very good lines, dropping just 7 points. They shed off six ewes to start with and then whittled them down. They penned with the help of James swishing his stick in the wet grass.


Kevin Evans and Greg

Greg had a couple of whistles on the first gather to widen him out, losing 44 points. They lost 20 on the lift and 40 on the fetch, caught the gates.

The turn back was ok, but Kevin gave him another couple of whistles as he was going out. Picked them up well and good line back. The judges took 20 off the second outrun, gave a clean lift, and took 13 off the fetch.

First packet had drifted to the right of the fetch in front of one of the grandstands. 

Collected both packets, turned around post and set off on the drives, caught all the gates, losing 9 in the driving section. 

Shed off nine uncollared ewes to start, then four and peeled off the last two.

Penned, but one ewe just slipped past the mouth before getting them in, losing them 10 points.


Peter Martin and Jen

Whistles on the first gather and Jen crossed. They lost 95 points on the first outrun and 20 at the lift.

Missed first fetch, pushed then back up around the gates and down through, losing 70. Turn back was ok on second gather, one whistle. They lost 72 on the second gather and 15 at the lift. Caught the fetch, but lost 70 on their lines. Got the first drive, low on the cross drive, caught the gates. 

In the shed they took seven off and three peeled off following them out of ring. They ended up being left with one uncollared ewe, and they were timed up.


Susanne Lejuez and Eyri Jaff 

Jaff ran out very square on the first gather, Susanne whistled him as he started up the field. Two more lots of whistles, dog stopped a couple of times, whistled again.

They lost 52 on the first outrun, had a clean lift, and lost 20 on the fetch.

Dog crossed on the second outrun and lost 95 marks.

They lost 24 on the lift and 41 on the second fetch.

Got the drives, wide turn back to ring.

In the ring, they shed off a bunch with a collared ewe. Had to start again, then got a good bunch off. 

One more off, and another, but the remainder out of ring. Left with two uncollared ewes to get off. Got them after quite a bit of time, they lost 50 in the shed. Penned ok, losing 4.


Aled Owen and Llangwm Cap

Had a pretty good first outrun, losing 21. They lost 18 at the lift. The sheep were coming low on the fetch, Aled had to keep flanking him away. Cap came to the front of the sheep, Aled commanded him back and he circled on the come-bye, got them back on line after that, but lost 53 on the fetch.

The look back was good and they didn’t lose any marks on the outrun or lift.

The sheep were a bit spread out on the top of the fetch, caught the gates, lost 15.

First packet had drifted to the fence line in front of grandstand.

Nice first drive and turn, coming low on cross drive three quarters of the way along. They lost 33 on the drives.

In the ring they shed off five, but lost the others out of the ring twice while trying to push the five away. Then got seven away. Two more, last one bolted to join them.

Finished with a clean pen after losing 50 in the shed.


Vic Morris and Bob

Bob went out square, whistled early. Started coming in two thirds of the way up, couple of stops and redirects, they lost 51 on the first gather.

They missed the fetch gates and lost 70 points.

The look back was ok, one whistle out, and the judges took off 5 marks and gave them a clean second lift.

Caught the second fetch, losing 28.

The first packet of sheep had drifted a long way down the fence line to the right. In the drives they had good lines and the judges took off 13.

They shed eight uncollared ewes to start, then four.

After quite a bit of time, they got another two off, but they didn't go far from the ring. The last one came but she spun around to re-join the collared ewes and they all came out of the ring and joined the two. Time called.


Nigel Watkins and Molly

Molly went out on the first gather pretty well, losing 17. She lost contact with the sheep a bit on the fetch. Caught the gates. They lost 15 at the lift and 41 on the fetch.

Had quite a few problems on the second gather, nearly crossed trying to get her out to the corner, she wanted to go up the field. They lost 60 on the outrun and 11 at the lift. Caught the second fetch, losing 15. 

Collected the first packet, to the left of the post. Bit wide on the turn around the post. They caught the first drive, but just had to wait for two ewes hanging back slightly.

At the second drive, two ewes slipped past, on the low side, all came back, got them through but wide turn. The judges took 97 marks off the drives.

Shed off a good bunch, pushed them out to the left of the ring.

Left with two ewes to shed, which they got. They lost 31 in the shed and completed the course with a clean pen.


Mosse Magnusson and Llanfarian Jim

A good first gather from Jim, losing 10. The lift was a bit sticky and he lost 11. Offline at start of fetch, bringing them straight to post, pushed them back, caught the fetch. They lost 37 on the first fetch.

The dog came right down the field on the look back. Stopped in the bottom right hand corner. Got up ok in the end but lost 60. One ewe was hanging back after lift, caught the fetch.

OK on the first drive, caught the gates. Got the second drive, wide turn. The judges took 41 off the drives.

Shed them all off pretty quickly, but one collared ewe bolted and tagged on with the last three uncollared ewes. Had to regather and start again.

Took off two lots, left with one. Singled her and left her in the ring, took the others to the pen. Started penning and they were breaking and the uncollared ewe ran to them. Had to go back to the ring with the six, dog started going off its feet and they retired. 


Kevin Evans and Jimmy

First gather - two out whistles, stop, more whistles but he crossed. Jimmy ran right across field on the rise. Kevin flanked him all the way back, sent him back up, he went but came underneath the sheep. They lost 95 on the outrun, and 35 at the lift.

Brought them down and got the fetch, losing 47.

Had problems on the second gather, but he got up there. Lost 70 on the outrun and had a clean lift.

Sheep running a bit coming down on the fetch and they missed the fetch gates, losing 63.

Got the first drive and second drive gates.

Shed five, one was bleating and wanted to come back to the others. Got another seven and they drifted off. Took two, one left. Got her off and penned. They completed well, losing 5 in the shed and 2 at the pen.


Ricky Hutchinson and Sweep

First gather - went out well, two whistles to make sure, they lost 11 points on the outrun and 5 at the lift. 

It was hard to see, but at the fetch three or four ewes slipped past the gates and they lost 75.

The turn back was good, they lost 9 on the outrun and had a clean lift. 

Caught the fetch and collected the first packet from the cross drive gates.

They caught first drive and just had a couple of wobbles on the cross drive, losing 20.

In the ring they shed off 14 off in one go, and they drifted off. Got the last one and Sweep held a collared ewe trying to break.

One ewe slipped around the back of the pen before they completed. They lost 9 in the shed and 10 at the pen.


Michael Shearer and Jim

Jim started coming in on the first gather, whistles out. At the top of the field the sheep split and ran along the brow to the right. They lost 26 on the outrun and 15 at the lift.

Picked them up and started the fetch but they were off line, caught the gates, losing 31. 

On the second gather they lost 15 and 8 at the lift.

They missed the fetch gates, losing 60 and lost 35 in the driving section.

In the ring they shed nine uncoloured ewes, with six left. One collared ewe went out of the ring.

Took another two but then they were left with two and were unable to shed them before time was called. 


Mosse Magnusson and Myllin Davey

Davey crossed on the first outrun and kept running across the top of the field, losing 95 points.

When he went back and picked up the sheep he brought them down on a direct fetch line. They pushed them back enough to catch the fetch gates. They lost 23 at the lift and 45 on the fetch.

On the second gather he ran squarely, out to the fence line and went up along the fence. The judges took 45 off the outrun and 17 off the lift.

Caught the fetch gates. The first packet had drifted off to the left of the course.

Mosse sent Davey to gather them and they retired.


Jo Hansen and Sisko 

Sisko took a good line out on the first gather, one whistle, losing 5 points, with a clean lift. 

At the top, the setting out dog was underneath the sheep until the shepherd called it off. 

Brought them down on the fetch ok, caught the gates, losing 25. 

Had problems getting the dog to go out on the right line for the second gather. The judges took 59 off the outrun and 3 off the lift.

The sheep were coming low on the fetch for a while and they missed the fetch gates, losing 59.

It started to rain and then rained quite heavily while they were out on the field.

They collected the first packet of sheep from the far left and took them all around the post.

They caught the first drive and had a tight turn, but missed the cross drive on the low side, losing 91.

In the ring they shed off 8 in a bunch and peeled off the last few very well. They didn’t lose a point in the shed and completed the run with a clean pen.


Jaran Knive and Bea

There was heavy rain for Jaran and Bea’s run. 

Bea went up well, sheep ran off at top, they lost 6 on the outrun and 13 at the lift. Fetch line was high, but caught the gates and they lost 31. 

Good turn back, no hesitation, but started coming a bit low down the field. She took Jaran’s whistles and then went up ok. The judges took 26 off the outrun and 20 off the lift.  

Bea wasn’t listening to her flanks as well on the second fetch. 

Offline low on part of the fetch but caught the gates, losing 20.

Gathered the first packet from the left of the course, meanwhile the second packet ran off right, down the fence line in front of the grandstand. Re-gathered and brought them around the post. Nice turn. 

Got the first drive and had a pretty good cross drive line. Got the second drive gates, slightly wide turn, losing 13 points. 

In the ring the rain started to pour again.  

They lost 20 in the shed and they lost a ewe around the back of the pen twice. They completed in time, losing 30 at the pen.






The Final running order was:

1              Michael Shearer - Bob 285788

2              James McGee  - Glengregg Silver 327528

3              Kevin Evans -  Greg 294366

4              Peter Martin -  Jen 314794

5              Susanne Lejuez -  Eyri Jaff 283342

6              Aled Owen -  Llangwym Cap 315270

7              Vic Morris  - Bob   315235

8              Nigel Watkins -  Molly 307940

9              Mosse Magnusson -  Llanfarian Jim 283346

10           Kevin Evans -  Jimmy 303638

11           Ricky Hutchinson -  Sweep 293085

12           Ian Brownlie  - Boredale Gus 291031

13           Michael Shearer  - Jim 316751

14           Mosse Magnusson - Myllin Davey  292919

15           Jo Hansen - Sisko NSG22903/04

16           Jaran Knive - Bea NKK NO 55030/11