Past World Trials

The International Sheep Dog Society has held six World trials, where competitors from all over the world qualify in their own countries to compete with their sheepdogs. The World Trial is held every three years. The first was in Bala in Wales in 2002, the second was in Tullamore in the Republic of Ireland in 2005, the third was in Llandeilo in Wales in 2008, the fourth was in Lowther in the Lake District in 2011, the fifth was in Tain in Scotland in 2014, and the sixth was in Hoogwoud in the Netherlands in 2017.


From left to right: Aled Owen receives the World Trial trophy from ISDS Chairman Jim Easton in 2008, for winning with Roy at Llandeilo; Gordon Watt wins the Tullamore World Trial with York in 2005; and Aled Owen's Bob, winner of the 2002 Bala World Trial.

From left to right: Aled Owen's Roy, winner at the 2008 Llandeilo World Trial; James Mcgee and Becca, winners of the 2011 Lowther World Trial; and Aled Owen pens with Roy at the 2008 Llandeilo World Trial.