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World Trial Entry FAQ's

Following the mailing last week I have received several questions of a similar nature in relation to entering the World Trial, therefore I am presenting a list of answers below, which I hope will help all of you who have raised these similar questions.

  1. One handler has qualified 2 dogs and wishes to enter one Alternate Dog.
    1. Only one Alternate Dog fee is payable
    2. The Alt. Dog can only run in place of Dog one OR Dog two,
    3. The third dog can not become a substitute if replaced by the Alternate.
    4. You can enter the one Alternate Dog against either or both entered dogs.  Only one fee to be paid (the online system of entry will accommodate this better)
    5. The CEO must be informed in writing before the start of the day’s trialing that the Alt Dog is running as per 1.2.n.iii in Instructions and Rules for Competitors May 2022.
  2. One Handler has two dogs qualified. They wish to enter two Alternate Dogs.
    1. It must be declared in advance at the time of entry/registration which Alternate Dog is allocated to which entered dog as set out on the registration form shared last week
    2. An entry is payable for each individual dog entered. 
  3. An Alternate Dog is not compulsory, this is optional and down to the individual to decide.
  4. Only one Reserve Handler is permitted per Country.
    1. The Reserve Handler may enter one dog and one Alternate dog
    2. An entry fee is payable for each dog Reserve + Alternate 
    3. The Reserve dog cannot be entered as an Alternate dog to another already entered dog. – A dog can only be entered once.
    4. If the Reserve Handler does not run their entry fee will be refunded minus the spectator admissoin rates. 
  5. The Dog that has been qualified must be entered. An Alternate Dog can be entered with that Dog if you know that the qualified dog can not run. You cannot enter an Alternative dog that has not qualified as the main entry.
    1. It is the combination of Dog and Handler who qualify and must be entered. The Alt. Dog can then be declared and run at the trial as the handler wishes. In accordance with Rule 1.2.n.iii in Instructions and Rules for Competitors May 2022.
  6. The Owner of the dog must go on the entry, with an Alternative Handler if the handler who qualified is not the owner of the dog.
    1. The Owner, Handler and Dog must all be registered with the same national group and have had their main residence in the country for at least nine month. As per rule 1.1.e
  7. Rules are as per the ISDS Rules for Trials 2023 which will shortly be on the ISDS Website and the Instructions and Rules for Competitors May 2022.