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Falconry display with a difference

Falconry Display with a difference!

We are very excited to announce that 'Berghwing Falconry' will be attending the World Sheep Dog Trials, and will be entertaining us with spectacular displays throughout the four days of trialling.

Berghwing is a revolutionary conditioning tool built by falconers for falconers. Tried, tested, revised and improved the Berghwing MkII which will be demonstrated is 1200 grams of power, speed and agility devised to ensure falcons are the fittest, fastest and strongest they can be. The Berghwing is also the safest aerial training device for birds by far. You will experience all the action during the displays performed by Pete. We consider ourselves very fortunate to have the Berghwing Falconry display attend the World Trials, as Pete generally works from Dubai.

The Berghwing aeroplane has a camera mounted to it and we are hoping to provide a large screen to show off the falcons abilities in more detail. 

For further information click here to be redirected to our page which provides details of what's taking place during the World Trials.