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News on sheepdog trials from all over the UK, Ireland and the World

Nations competing in the 2017 World Trial


This year we welcome the nations of Argentina, Chile, Iceland, Israel, Poland and Uruguay to the World Trial for the very first time, making a total of 30 nations competing. 
New Zealand is unable to attend, with all other nations being able to fill their allocation of places.
The Netherlands is classed as a Home Nation as they are hosting the World Trial, and for all Home Nation handlers almost everyone who qualified has taken up their place.


Entries by country:


Argentina 2
Austria  4
Belgium 8
Brazil 5
Canada 5
Chile 1
Czech Republic 4


England 19
Faroes 3
Finland 8
France 9
Germany 15
Iceland 2
Ireland 19
Israel 2
Italy 5
Japan 3
Netherlands 19
Norway 15
Poland 2
Portugal 4
Scotland 19
South Africa 5
Spain 2
Sweden 15
Switzerland 9
Uruguay 1
USA 10
Wales 19
TOTAL= 243


Competitors by nation: