Please go to the ISDS Trials Scoreboard to view results via the following link: 




Please note that results for the World Championship Final will not be published and will be announced at the awards ceremony. 


All results are now available via the Trials Scoreboard as linked above.  Please note you need to have the screen in full size to avoid the Merit points being rounded up!


Statement - 20th September

Congratulations to all participants in the 2023 World Trial, in particular those in the World Championship Final, for which results and placings were announced at the awards ceremony and then published via the ISDS Trials Scoreboard after the event.

With the publication of the results one Judge raised that some of their scores looked incorrect. This was quickly investigated and resulted in a lower score for the combination concerned. This also meant a reduced number of Merit Points, meaning that Hendrik Kienker and Jo Agnar Hansen swap places at 10th and 11th. Jo Agnor Hansen moving to 10th and Hendrik Kienker to 11th.  Handlers in places 2 – 9 gain one more Merit point each but the placings are otherwise unaffected.

Our thanks go to Hendrik and Jo Agnor for their understanding in relation to this error.

The Trials Committee along with the CEO are reviewing the process of scoring and score checking ahead of future trials, to put measures in place in an effort to avoid an error of this nature. With the new ISDS Trials Scoreboard working so well and additional upgrades planned ahead of next year, there are many options available to improve the efficacy of this process. The results as reflected on the ISDS Trials Scoreboard are now corrected.

Very well done to all in the final, it is a remarkable achievement.