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Immortalised in the song, “The Star of the County Down”, Banbridge owes its development to Lord Downshire and to the once thriving linen industry and where Ferguson’s Linen Factory are widely acknowledged as producers of finest linen Jacquard in the world.

Perhaps its most famous landmark is “The Cut”, running through the centre of the town, developed to allow the Belfast to Dublin mail coach easy passage up the steep hill. To this day it ensures that Banbridge’s main street is one of the most unique in Ireland!

The district can also lay claim to some important personages: literary, artistic and scientific. It was here that world-renowned artist F E McWilliam was born; that the poet W B Yeats’ father was born; that Patrick Bronte, father of the talented Bronte sisters, was born; the author Helen Waddell is buried; Nobel Physics Laureate, Professor E T S Walton received his early schooling and where the famous Arctic explorer, Captain F R M Crozier, was born – a delightful statue, replete with polar bears, commemorating the man.

Famed for its family-run boutiques, hostelries, coffee shops, bakeries, delis and the magnificent FE McWilliam Gallery and retail outlet, The Boulevard, both located a short distance from Banbridge town centre, you’ll be spoilt for choice during your stay.

Beyond Banbridge stretches the Armagh, Banbridge and Craigavon Borough which is home to many hidden gems, havens for relaxation and recreation and is ideal for a wide range of outdoor pursuits. The spaces are wide and the options are great. From the Palace Demesne in Armagh, to the People’s Park in Portadown. Loughgall Country Park, Solitude Park, Banbridge and Gosford Forest Park, they all offer spaces which are open and welcoming. Try biking, walking, orienteering, camping, horse riding and of course great play parks. Don’t forget the southern shores of Lough Neagh which lap gently and call you to explore nature and wildlife. Options avail across the area surrounding Craigavon Lakes to explore on foot or on bike.

Armagh is a city with a unique sense of place and has been the ecclesiastical capital of Ireland since Saint Patrick founded his great stone church in 445. The city is built against a rich backdrop of history clearly visible through its archaeological and historical sites.

Famous around the world as Ireland’s ‘Orchard County’ and filled with thousands of acres of Bramley apple trees interspersed with forests, parks meadows and walking trails ideal for picnics – or just to take in the views – there’s plenty of space for everyone to enjoy.

For those who enjoy history and heritage, explore, and discover the hidden gems of our destination - cathedrals and museums, libraries, gift shops and eateries. The Game of Thrones Studio Tour located at Linen Mill Studios, Banbridge is the only one of its kind in the world and appeals to diehard fans and occasional watchers with its range of interactive and thoughtful presentations on all aspects of the show including scene setting, costume and make up. Step behind the scenes of the Seven Kingdoms and beyond and see the sets, the costumes, and the series. Be prepared to be mesmerised with a tour suitable for all.

See visitarmagh.com for further travel tips, to book events and to create your perfect day out.